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October 28 ~ Sunday

A lovely Fall day here, although the leaves are dropping off as quickly as they are a changing....
The view behind our house at present

Anyone up for raking leaves?


A sampling of our leaves
I planted Pansies in all of my hanging planter boxes and baskets this morning. Had to turn the heater back on today too as a strong cold front has arrived from the northwest.

Thankfully, we are being spared the wrath of Hurricane Sandy here in the Piedmont of North Carolina...but our thoughts are with everyone along the East Coast as they prepare for the storm.
It has been changeable weather this October - one day warm enough to sunbathe, the next torrential rain. We are now in the inbetween stage: warm sun, blue sky punctuated with fluffy white clouds and a breeze to stop us getting too hot. Dog walking is once again a pleasure not something akin to a form of torture in withering temperatures.

The result of the rain is green shoots popping up across the campo. The dusty brown of the hillside and, even more happily, the blackened burned parts from the August/September fires are entering the second spring. What a difference from England, from whence I have just returned, where the russets, golds and bronzes of the autumn trees turned the green patchwork of England's countryside into a jewelled cloth.

Pretty as England can be in the autumn I prefer the relative warmth of southern Spain especially when friends in the north-east of England report snow.

Viva EspaƱa!


27th October

The wind is very blustery outside - coming in great gusts that are rattling the windows.

We often get high winds when a hurricane is raging across the pond in the Caribbean - a bit like radio-active fallout, except in this case its a huff-puff blowout! :-)

My friend Judy in Virginia is taking to a hotel for the weekend because of the high level storm warning (though I believe from the radio reports here in the UK this morning, its been downgraded to tropical storm.
Judy is worried because she has lots of trees near her property, and understandably, since she lives alone, she doesn't want to be on her own at home.

Hope everyone in the path of the storm stays safe!

Storm Damage 2011


22nd October ~ Monday

It is Monday and I do not have enough tea or coffee to get myself moving just yet. *laughs* However, over the weekend I did take a few photos while driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina (since we live so close to that famous roadway).

An interesting tree - leaves already off in higher elevations

One of several tunnels we drove through

The view through the windshield
We are enjoying cool Fall weather and crystal blue skies again today. I'll take it!


19th October - Friday

gorgeous image lifted from tumblr (not mine)
Fall is definitely in the air - leaves are turning and dropping already. It is supposed to be peak leaf season in the Blue Ridge mountains right now, but not sure we can get up there to see them this weekend. The Blue Ridge Parkway is usually congested during leaf season every year anyways. Our trees here at home are about halfway turned. I want to bake an apple pie, eat anything pumpkin flavored and there is a distinctive nip in the air that tells me it is truly Fall. if only my obnoxious neighbor would stop running his old crappy car and making that awful racket that disturbs the peace in the neighborhood, I'd be quite content!

Currently 63F outside and a sunny sunset is upon us.